Our company Ecohousing is dedicated to helping Individuals Businesses and Governments to address the necessity for building CLIMATE PROOF HOMES that meet the need for energy efficiency that is required to reduce CO² emissions on a Global scale.

For existing homes Ecohousing can help to upgrade the millions of homes to an eco home with little or no insulation, to a CLIMATE PROOF HOMES fully insulated by retrofitting the external of their homes with the highest R value Wall panels and Roof panels available in the world today, this would provide massive savings in power bills to owners and save millions of tons of CO² emissions.

Whatever your building needs, we have the product for you

  • New houses in any size, single or multi story, on slab or elevated, to suit any climate.
  • Wall panels and cladding panels, use in conventional timber or steel frame buildings.
  • Extensions to existing homes, including second stories with light weight construction.
  • Renovations and retrofitting to walls and roofs to upgrade to 6 star energy rating.
  • Encapsulating Asbestos Cement sheathed houses and buildings, insulating and modernise them to save on energy and increase the re sale value at very little cost.
  • Retrofitting industrial buildings and fruit packing sheds, roofs and walls to insulate, stop condensation and corrosion and save huge amounts on electricity bills.
  • Blocks of flats two and three story for affordable housing, with no need for air conditioning.
  • Two story office buildings.
  • Mining accommodation, individual quarters heat and sound insulated .
  • Roofing panels with highest R value of any in Australia, no condensation = no corrosion, a sustainable life time product suitable for large spans “over living- veranda outdoor areas”.
  • Schools, Government or Private: Construct with R 6.2 Roofs & R 6.7 walls
    • save millions of dollars preventing Arson attacks from burning the buildings down,
    • roof and walls will not collapse during a fire,
    • fully Cyclone tested at James Cook University’s Cyclone testing centre in Townsville.

If it is not on our list contact us anyway as we cover many more areas in insulation.

Please email for more information and price estimates. I trust we can be of help to you.
Tonny Bergqvist (CEO)