Ecohousing is well suited for commercial application. As far as Ecohousing is aware our product is the only Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) to have undergone the ABCA required low-high- low cyclone testing and passed without breaking or delaminating.

Shopping Centres, Schools & Public Halls, Warehouses and Industrial Sheds

The building system integrates well with modern building methods, for example in large shopping centres or warehouses the roof panel system can be used to replace current roofing solutions.

This has the advantage that using this system, it is quick and easy to install, this reduces the high labour cost of having to lay insulation and then the roof, there are also no need for trusses as the roof panels are completely structural, another major advantage is that the panel’s offers high fire protection, potentially saving millions of dollars damage in a fire situation.

Another cost effective advantage to existing large energy deficient warehouses, shopping centres and industrial sheds is the split roofing system, by retrofitting external roofs and walls (without removing existing roof and wall panels), the single sided roofing panel with flat structural polyurethane rigid foam underside, will achieve high insulation protection and 50 year plus life span with no rust from condensation, the roof panel also add fire protection to the building.

With the cost of electricity increasing rapidly, this will be a major cost saving, and with climate change now a major concern with many governments calling for large corporations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many of the current warehouses, shopping centres and industrial sheds are no longer energy efficient, costing tens of thousands of dollars a year to cool and leaving a large carbon footprint.

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