SAA Wind Loading Code AS1170.2-1989

Ecohousing Building Systems uses a 78mm Wall and a 104mm Roof which has successfully passed AS1170.2-1989 testing for Cyclone Region C, Terrain Category 2.

Tropical cyclones pose a serious threat to Northern Territory communities and industry. Much of the Northern Territory coastline being close to the equator is in a region where cyclones tend to form.

Australia is broken into different regions according to the intensity of the destructive winds associated with the cyclone. Region C is classed as having the most destructive winds. See the map which shows breakdown of the cyclone regions over Australia.

Ecohousing buildings have undergone severe cyclone testings at James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station in Townsville, North Queensland. The building system is certified to meet the Darwin Cyclonic wind loading using the Low-High-Low pressure sequence of 10,360 load cycles over a 7 hour period.

Tropical Cyclone Regions
(Map source: BCA 2008 volume two)

This is now an ABCB “Australian Building Codes Board” mandatory testing procedure for Buildings in Cyclonic areas. Ecohousing undertook this test regime in 2001 and passed the full test successfully to the following maximum specifications.

You can read more about these Cyclone Ratings, and view the

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