Ecohousing Manufacture and build Energy Efficient Houses to suit the Climate anywhere in Australia.

These houses are marketed as 10 STAR CLIMATE PROOF HOMES.

All of our houses are 10 Star Energy Efficient, from the coldest climates in Australia to the hottest.

We have at present designed 3 and 4 bedroom energy efficient houses to be built in Cloncurry for The Cloncurry Council and local residents in Cloncurry including various mining interests who require their mining workers to reside with their families in Cloncurry instead of the expensive and debilitating method of Fly in Fly out in use at present.

In early 2014 Ecohousing will be building a 335m² 3 Bed 2 Bath residence for The Cloncurry Council which will initially be used as a Display House so that the Council, local Residents, mining interests and surrounding Rural people and land holders can evaluate housing specially built to withstand the severe climate of the outback.

Built elevated with verandas on 3 sides and built with Ecohousing’s 100mm thick Wall Roof and Floor Panels, manufactured initially at their manufacturing facility at Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast with injected Polyurethane to an R value of R 5 +

This will allow people to finally being able to live in the hot 40°C plus temperatures
of Australia’s Outback in comfort year round, with nil or minimal use of air conditioners saving thousands of dollars yearly in electricity bills.

On this page you can view the plan of the eco house being built for the Cloncurry Council, and also other designs for the Council, it is anticipated that there could be a need for at least 1000 houses in the area as Cloncurry builds up to the status of the Central City of North West Queensland, If the initial build up is successful Ecohousing will establish a large manufacturing plant in Cloncurry to manufacture and supply their Climate Proof Homes in a radius of at least 1000km.

This will also enable Ecohousing to supply decent housing on a large scale to the indigenous communities over a wide area. Designed in consultation with the communities who will be involved in the building of the houses they will be living in. This is in contrast with the present methods which clearly has not been successful, as there is no consultation or participation of the indigenous communities.

Ecohousing is also looking at the possibility of a manufacturing plant going into Kununurra WA where there is a major need for indigenous housing in both the East and the West Kimberley’s as well as the top of the Northern Territory easily accessible from Kununurra.

At present Ecohousing has a manufacturing plant in Lae PNG operated by the PNG natives who also build the houses and schools themselves at present.

Outback Series – House Plans
Cloncurry 9b 40x20m Block
Cloncurry 9a Wide Front Block
Cloncurry 10 on 40mx20m Block