Ecohousing Transportable Manufacturing Plants are designed to provide an economical and efficient relocatable factory that is quickly and easily containerised, allowing efficient shipping anywhere in the world using standardised transport methods.

This is the only Polyurethane foam (PUR) injection press factory that can be quickly dismantled, packaged and transported to a new location, then be set up and ready for production the very next day.

The hydraulic powered presses and injection equipment manufacture structural insulating panels for use in read wall- roof and floor applications.

The wall panels feature fibre cement facings while the roof and floor panels have a ribbed steel profile for superior spanning capabilities.

The panel presses can be readily adjusted to produce wall and roof panels in thicknesses of 80mm, 104mm and 130mm.

The thicker panels are an advantage for very extreme climates where thermal insulation is a major concern for building designers. When the manufactured panels are used with the patented Ecohousing Building System transportable manufacturing plant, construction times are reduced dramatically over traditional methods, making them ideal for large scale emergency housing projects.

Within 24 hours of arrival, the transportable manufacturing plant factory can be the most energy efficient and ecological buildings ever mass produced in the world.

Because of the low cost and transportability of the housing manufacturing plant factory, multiple factories can be established in an area with large volume requirements.

Raw materials can be sourced locally in many areas, allowing savings to be made on transport costs by strategic location and relocation of your factory to meet demand.

The factories can be configured with a 3- Phase power generator as stand alone operation in remote areas where it would normally be infeasible for traditional manufacturing facilities to be established.

Ecohousing Building Systems Manufacturing Plant