Eco-Cladding Panels

Eco-Cladding panels are perfect for encapsulating energy deficient houses, they are also perfect to encapsulate old asbestos house saving thousands of dollars in removal and disposal.

Cladding panels being available as an economical single faced panel with a 6mm fibre cement facing on top side and  Structural Polyurethane foam on the underside are light weight and easy to handle.

There is no need to remove any existing coverings as the cladding panels simply glue and screw directly over the top of existing walls or screw onto metal top hats fastened to the walls.

This method can also be used to modernise and upgrade to energy rating values higher than new government requirements, giving huge electricity savings in all cladded houses.

Read more under R-Values, energy savings and ABCB “Australian Building Codes Board” requirements for R-Values here.

Cladding panels are designed to meet the needs of the home owner/renovator and DIY market.
Available in the same dimensions as the standard wall panels. Single faced fibre-cement cladding panels are 52mm thick with R rating of R 2.7 (USA equiv R 14.85) and 64mm thick R 3.3 (USA equiv R 18.15) rating.

Cladding panels are 60mm thick with a high R3.01 rating or 80mm thick giving a R4.02 rating.

Existing energy deficient buildings are one of the main causes of global warming, producing billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly.

Encapsulating and renovating asbestos cement houses has enormous potential for saving householders tens of thousands of dollars as the renovator no longer has to remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Key Features:

  • High R rating; 52mm R 2.70 64mm R 3.3(USA equiv R 14.85 and R 18.15)
  • Energy Efficiency – Highest Star rating
  • DIY renovator job
  • Affordable way to modernise the building<[/li_item]
  • Many different finishes available
  • Weather resistant
  • Totally reliable thermal, acoustic continuity and performance
  • FIRE SAFE - Extra Reading