Ecohousing Building Systems Floor Panel System

The floor panel system uses the same click-lock installation as the roofing panel system. The flooring panels are screwed in the valleys to the C channel bearers to fix them in place. Yellow tongue panels are then used as flooring on top of the corrugations.

The panels are run across the corrugations and are fixed using a high performance polyurethane silicon glue. Other flooring can then be laid on top of the yellow tongue as desired.

Ecohousing has created a unique floor panel system. In elevated and two storey houses, Smartspan® Zincalume cladded roof panels are utilised as floor panels with lengths to 10.4 meters with 3.6 meter span. Floor finish is usually yellow tongue screwed to the panel.

The weight of the panels, in concert with their structural rigidity, allows for a reduction in total stumps required for elevated houses and very little use of concrete to anchor posts with no interference to the natural terrain. The Insulation value of R 4.67 bare and increasing with different floor coverings.

Key Features:

  • Ease and speed of erection
  • Elevated houses leave a much smaller environmental ”foot print”
  • Site waste dramatically reduced
  • Suitable for all sub-frames
  • Completes the “thermal overcoat” recommendation for energy efficient housing
  • Weather resistant
  • FIRE SAFE – Extra Reading

The floor panels system is also well suited to multi-storey applications. Standard ceiling finishes can be applied and electrical utilities can be run along the valleys of the Smartspan®, if desired a hanging ceiling can also be installed.

The panel system also allows for a faster build time as there is no pouring of cement and time wasted while it cures, the panels are also much lighter with comparable strength.

Floor Panel System

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Floor Panels Brochure