Ecohousing Building Systems Roofing Panel System

Ecohousing’s unique lightweight roof panels are available in lengths up to 10.4 metres. The panels comprise of a high pressure injection bonding of structural polyurethane between sheets of Spandek® in Colorbond® or Zincalume.

The 104 mm roofing panel system offers a thermal value of R 4.67 bare and has achieved a permissible stress design load of 3.7kPa from James Cook University’s Structural Cyclone Testing Centre. They are complimented by standard cappings and standard gutter systems.

Also available in the roofing panel system is the single sided roofing panel (Click to view pictures). The panel is a single sided roofing panel with a flat polyurethane underside that can be screw fastened directly to most existing roofs, significantly reducing energy consumption required for heating and cooling upgrading the energy rating of the house.

It will also seal a leaking roof whilst adding to the structural integrity of the roof and modernising the structure. The fitting of the flat bottom panel is very quick and there is no required preparation for most roofs.

Key Features:

  • Generous span capacity of up to 7 metres
  • Absolute Integrity and Consistency
  • Insulation index R 4.67 bare US equivalent R 23.35
  • Available in all Colorbond® finishes
  • Simple “Click-in” joining installation
  • Combination of lightness and construction method means speedier project completion
  • FIRE SAFE – Extra Reading

Ecohousing roofing panels are used in a wide variety of different projects for both Commercial and Residential.

With roofing panel sizes up to 10.4 meters and a generous span of 6 meters panels are ideal for:

  • Schools,
  • Community Centres,
  • Churches,
  • Shopping Centres,
  • Warehouses,
  • Packing sheds,
  • Livestock sheds.

The Ecohousing roofing panels are available in different lengths; they are also available in different colours thanks to the Spandek® in Colorbond® or Zincalume.

The panels allow for:

  • Quicker build time which means the home owner is in their house much faster,
  • Modern stylistic roofing,
  • Affordable ecological alternative.
To view how the system goes together click here

Roofing Panel

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