Ecohousing has created a unique wall panel system.

The wall panels are very strong and lightweight. The panels comprise of a high pressure injection bonding of structural polyurethane PUR between Fibre-Cement Sheathing.

The polyurethane core offers excellent sound absorption and exceptional fire resistance.

Panels are available in lengths of 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 3.3m and 3.6m as well as thicknesses of 80mm, 104mm and 130mm, they are 900mm wide.

Single faced cladding panels come in 52mm and 64mm thickness with R values of R 2.70 (USA equiv R 14.85) and R 3.30 (USA equiv R 18.15).

Key Features:

  • High R rating; 80mm R4.1, 104mm R5.37, 130mm R6.73 (USA equiv; 80mm R22.55, 104mm R29.53, 130mm R37.00)
  • Energy Efficiency – Highest Star rating
  • No cavities, no gaps, no cold bridges, no thermal leaks
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Weather resistant
  • Totally reliable thermal and acoustic continuity and performance.
  • FIRE SAFE – Extra Reading

Also available in the wall panel system are wall cladding panels. Single faced fibre cement cladding panels are designed to meet the needs of the home owner/renovator and DIY market. Available in the same dimensions as the standard wall panels, cladding panels are single faced fibre-cement cladding panels that are 52mm thick with a high R 2.70 rating (USA equiv R 22.55) and 64mm thick R 3.3 (USA equiv R 18.15).

Cladding panels with fibre cement facing are perfect for encapsulating energy deficient houses, they are also perfect to encapsulate old asbestos house saving thousands of dollars in removal and disposal. There is no need to remove any existing coverings as the cladding panels simply fasten directly over the top, securing a health risk and upgrading to an exceptional energy rating. (See cladding brochure here for further details).

The wall panel system is not only suited for single storey floor structures but also in two and three story buildings. For multi-storey structures the panel thickness is increased for additional strength with 104mm and 130mm panels, this also furthers the insulation value making the building more energy efficient for cooling and heating.

Schools and Community Centres; if the School Buildings are built using our entire Building System it will be impossible for Arsons to burn down the Buildings, as well the roofs and walls will not collapse in a Fire situation making it a far safer building to be in than conventional roofs or the much used Expanded Polystyrene EPS roofs that melt and collapse in a fire. Click on our General Brochure for more information.

Wall Panels System

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