With emphasis continuing to grow on people to live in a more environmentally friendly way, the home owner of today has become very aware of the need to have a house that is ecological and sustainable, the Ecohousing Building Systems fulfil this need.


Ecohousing Residential Application are able to cater to buildings from compact 2 and 3 bedrooms houses through to large multi-storey dwellings. All buildings built using the Ecohousing Building systems are ecological and energy efficient. A house built using the systems has many large advantages over conventional housing to highlight a few:

  • The product has low embodied energy, meaning that it uses very limited energy to produce the product, a huge advantage in reducing carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficient, the Ecohousing building systems products have the highest R-values of any insulative product available reducing the energy usage required for heating and cooling, thereby saving carbon emissions once again reducing the carbon footprint and for the home owner it saves money.
  • The insulative properties of the building systems will not deteriorate over time like conventional insulation, saving costs by not have to re-insulate the dwelling.
  • The house can be finished to suit any desired taste of the home owner, for example it can easily be finished to suit covenants placed on homes in housing estates.
  • Build time is reduced placing the home owner in their house in a much shorter time.
  • All homes are vermin and termite safe so that there are no nasty surprises for the home owner.
  • All house have full cyclone rating from the world recognised JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY CYCLONE TESTING CENTRE.
Ecohousing recently constructed the largest multi-storey Queensland residential dwelling, 800 sq meter floor area on three levels, one section elevated to 7 meters height, no Air conditioning to be installed..

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