New Advanced Building Method

Ecohousing’s patented Revolutionary Building System is a New Advanced Building Method. The presently used building methods of timber framing with brick or cement block walls, lined with easily damaged gybrock on internal walls, have very little insulation value and are over 200mm thick.

Our Ecohousing wall panels are only 80mm, 104mm thick, and 130mm thick, leaving a lot larger internal floor space; the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) are Fibre-Cement- Faced with 6mm thick recessed edge Fibre-Cement Sheathing, with a core of rigid high density injected structural polyurethane foam.
Revolutionary Building System
Each building panel; wall, roof and floor, is a structural, load bearing, self bracing panel. The walls are extremely solid and not easily damaged; the buildings can be erected on a concrete slab or on our unique elevated floor platform. We have introduced energy rated low E glass and double glazed windows to use with our building systems, maximising energy efficiency.

Energy Saving

The energy saving in electricity consumption is substantial, as unlike the present fibreglass batts used in most building projects today, that work on a heat absorption principle, which means that you cannot exclude the heat by any more than half of a given temperature, Polyurethane insulation works on a heat and cold exclusion. As 80% of all heat enters through the roof in summer time, by using Ecohousing roof panels this heat penetration is eliminated, all that should be needed for most of the year is cross flow ventilation and or ceiling fans to keep air circulating to keep houses cool, reducing energy consumption substantially.
House to demonstrate ease, speed and concept of the building system


There is up to 90% less builders rubbish left on building sites on job completion, as the home is fabricated at factory premises before shipment, giving savings to the builder and to the environment with less landfill required. With no timber used in Ecohousing structures, except for cupboards doors and internal floor lining, which can also be fibre cement sheeting, they are resistant to termite, black ant and other vermin attack. Polyurethane foam is inert and has no food value for vermin.

By not using bricks and no need for a concrete slab or timber in construction, it is not only an ecologically advanced building system, with a smaller footprint, the lightweight structures, built off the ground, reduce the impact of run offs in towns and cities which is damaging our creeks and river systems. With our houses being elevated, lightweight and not requiring poisons being used under concrete slabs for termite protection, the Ecohousing buildings protect our environment as well.

Ecohousing Building Systems Manufacturing Plant