Rural Application

We believe Climate change is real and to that end Ecohousing Building Systems manufacture and build 10 Star Climate Proof Homes that regardless of temperatures, or instability of any region – Cyclones – Earthquakes – Tornado’s etc keep your house safe at a comfortable temperature Summer or Winter with little or no use of Air conditioners.

Potential of Ecohousing Climate Proof Homes in Rural Communities

Today’s home owner need to have a home that is ecologically sustainable while retaining its insulation value for its minimum 100 years lifespan, Ecohousings rural application that are 10 Star Climate Proof Homes fulfil this need.

The rural application of the Ecohousing’s Outback series realises the need to build rural properties with verandas, with no heat penetration from the roof, helping to keep the entire home cool using Ceiling fans only while utilising the Verandas as a necessary out door area to relax, this design give very big electricity savings.

More Rural home plans will be added to this list. We also design and build Rural homes to your own specifications.

Rural Application on Koné – New Caledonia